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Native American Indian Healer

Psychic, Spiritual Advisor & Healer

Meet Mrs. Roberts

Psychic, Spiritual Advisor, Healer

Mrs. Roberts has been a healer for over 70 years. She is a fourth generation psychic with an exceptional ability to see beyond the physical dimension. With the gift of profound sight and deep feeling, Mrs. Roberts can feel your entire Life path and guide you into becoming the purest version of yourself.

Her ability allows her to answer any question that you may have and provide comfort through any disturbance you may be encountering. She can clean and heal your Spirit. 

If you are feeling lost, unbalanced or struggling to find peace, let Mrs. Roberts help you feel harmony.

Meet Mrs. Roberts



As an incredibly experienced psychic and Indian healer, I offer readings, cleanings, and specialty bundles for all of the following categories. Please call to see how I can help you balance each aspect of your life.

Love & Relationships

Receive a reading or cleansing regarding anything in your Love life.

Career: New Opportunities & Promotions

Come with any question. I will help you advance your professional career.

Guidance: Goals, Desires & Dreams

Receive direction and steps toward attaining your deepest dreams.

Inner Growth & Spiritual Development

Allow me to help you spiritually evolve.

Why Naturopathy


"Mrs. Roberts was amazing!!!! She hit on stuff before i even spoke a word besides me name. Shes very efficient on making sure you understand everything she tells you. I will definitely be going back"

Contact Me


6940 Old National Hwy

College Park, GA 30349



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